Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

The present general terms and conditions for the use of the webpage, regulate the access and use of, domiciled in Bogotá, Colombia and which,from this point forward shall be denominated as—The Company--, which the user of the Portal must read and accept for the use of all the services and information that is facilitated from the web.The mere access and / or utilization of the web, of all or part of its contents and / or services signifies the full acceptance of the present general conditions of use.Those who choose not to accept these terms and conditions, must abstain from accessing this site, either directly or indirectly, and from using any information or service provided therein.Likewise, the use of the Service is also subject to all the notices, regulations of use and instructions made known to the Userby the company that complete that which is foreseen in these General Conditions, insofar as they do not oppose the same.

2. Aim

LinkMe-Up has the mission of connecting business travelers from around the world to forms of diversion and the discovery of new places. LinkMe-Up was designed for business travelers who wish to meet new people as a means of establishing new contacts and enjoying an excellent plan while discovering the best places in a new city.

3. Conditions of Use

The general conditions of use of the portal regulate the access and utilization of the website including the contents and services made available to the users and/or through the portal, whether The provision of the Portal service has a cost for the Users and for this reason it is absolutely mandatory that the person have a subscription and/or registration. Subsequently, the person whowishes to gain access to the services must subscribe to one of the following packages:

Free Trial
  • 1 Month
  • FREE
  • See other users profiles
  • Chat with 1 or more users to setup plans
  • 3 Months
  • $5 USD
  • See other users profiles
  • Chat with 1 or more users to setup plans
  • Whos viewed your profile
  • Cancel Your Package Anytime.
  • 6 Months
  • $8 USD
  • See other users profiles
  • Chat with 1 or more users to setup plans
  • Whos viewed your profile
  • Cancel Your Package Anytime.
  • 12 Months
  • $12 USD
  • See other users profiles
  • Chat with 1 or more users to setup plans
  • Whos viewed your profile
  • Cancel Your Package Anytime.

To gain access to any of our packages, you must be aware of the following requirements:

  1. Be at least 21 years old to access any of our services.
  2. Have an account on our website
  3. Use your real name on the profile.
  4. Use the services in a professional manner.
  5. In no case shall the user reveal information to which they have no right to share.

**Any false information provided in the creation of the account legally enablesThe Company to close the account.

It is the obligation and responsibility of the User to safeguard their information and account passwords, given that these are for the exclusive use of the holder of the same.

3.1 Proper use of the platform

The User agrees to use the Portal and its Services in accordance to the law, the General Conditions contained herein, as well as with the good intentions and customs and public order and thereby assumes responsibility for any incompliance to the norms.Likewise, the user is obliged to abstain from using the Portal and its Services for any illegal aims or effects which go against that established in these General Conditions, that which is detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties or that in any manner may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the Portal and the Services or impede the normal use or enjoyment of the Portal and of the Services provided to the Users.

3.2 Cookies

The user acknowledges and accepts that Linkme-Up may utilize Cookies. The information contained in the ‘Cookies’ is used e.g. to control sessions, in particular better navigation and to obtain a higher performance as a friendly user of the website and to store personal information related with identification. The majority of browsers on the web accept cookies automatically. The user can avoid this by changing the configuration of the browser. The user can eliminate the stored cookies saved on the PC at any moment by deleting the temporary internet files (“Tools/Extras in the browser bar—Internet options”).

4. Modifications

The Company reserves the right to modify the general conditions of use of the web at any given moment. In any case, it is recommended that one periodically consult the present terms and conditions of the use of the web, as they may be modified. If we make any important changes to these terms, we shall duly advise you through our Services or through other means so that you can review them before they take effect. If after reviewing the changes, you are not in agreement with the same, you are completely free to close your account. If you continue to make use of our Services after having publicized or sent notices regarding the changes in the terms, it shall be understood that you are in agreement with the updated terms as of the date in which they took effect.

4.1. We can change or terminate any service. Likewise, we can change, suspend or withdraw any of our Services. Furthermore, we may modify our prices in a future-oriented manner, with prior notice of a reasonable amount of time and to the degree that the law allows.

5. Payment

You must comply with the terms of payment set forth for each plan that is available to our users. Moreover, the user expressly accepts all of the obligations derived from this, understood among others as:

a. Commissions for changes.

b. Difference in prices due to currency exchange rates.

c. If you make a subscription, your form of payment will be automatically charged at the beginning of each subscription period in line with the applicable rates and taxes for that period. To avoid any future charges, cancel the subscription before the renewal date.

6. Company responsibility

The user knows and accepts that the company does not grant any type of guarantee, either expressly or implicitly, over the data, contents, information and services that are incorporated and offered over the web. With the exception of the cases in which the Law expressly states the contrary, and exclusively to the degree and scope of its coverage, the Company does not guarantee nor assume responsibility whatsoever with respect to the possible damages and harm caused by the use and utilization of the information, data and services of the web. In any case, the web excludes any responsibility for the damages and harm that can be the result of the information and/or services provided or supplied by third parties different from the Company. All responsibility shall fall on the third party whether that be a supplier or collaborator.

7. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents, brands, logos, sketches, documentation, informatic programs or any other element susceptible to protection under intellectual or industrial property law, that are accessible on the web correspond exclusively to the company or its legitimate owners and the rights over the same are expressly reserved. The copy, redistribution, use or publication, be it partially or totally is strictly prohibited by law. In any case, the portal reserves the rights over the contents, information, data and services that it holds over the same.

8. Privacy and Confidentiality

All the personal information provided by the User is the exclusive responsibility of the same. The Company reserves the right to use this information to send emails with information related to the account or of the goods and services contracted, as well as sending information regarding promotions, products or services. The User shall always have the right to request the termination of the sending of emails.

9. Personal Information

The Company adheres to all regulations in relation to Personal Data which is kept in the system. Through entering this Website, You declare that you accept and know, in general terms, that any information provided to the company shall be used exclusively within the structure of the development of the objectives of the company. None of your information will ever be released to anyone without having previously obtained your consent, unless otherwise obliged to do so by judicial or administrative order handed down from a competent authority. If on the webpage, you are notified that your personal information can be used, it is with the aim of allowing us to get in contact with You. We can request You give us your full name, email address and age. Our purpose in collecting personal information is to utilize it within the activities of the services provided in accordance with the package selected. We are committed to using the information that You provide us with only as a means of satisfying the operation that You have decided to carry out with us with respect to the services we offer.Likewise, we can use your information for the effects of carrying out market studies and consumer behavior studies with respect to associated brands or products. We shall not share said information with third persons, except for that which is absolutely indispensable to duly comply with the package that the user has entered into with us.

10. Links

This Site may contain Links to other websites, which are not controlled, edited nor have any relation whatsoever with the Company and therefore we are not responsible for the content nor the precision of the information contained in them. The function of the links that are found on the Site is merely informative. It is provided by third parties and is limited to simply letting the User know other related sources of information to the subject matter of the site. The use of these links does not imply in any manner the existence of any type of relation with the company.

11. Exemption from Liability

The company shall not be responsible for the reputation or changes in the information or the content or in general for any damages either indirectly, accidental or resulting as a consequence of a special or punitive nature. Likewise, we are not legally responsible for any type of liability derived from the quality, security or reliability of our services.

12. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Colombia.Any controversy derived from the present agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, reach or fulfillment, shall be subject to the applicable laws and to the competent Courts for its knowledge.

13. PCC’s

Any Petition, Complaint or Claim shall be filed through our contact email: